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Money is changing.  Are you ready?


By now most of you have heard about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and some have heard the name but don’t know what it is. It’s a developing technology in the world of finance. Some say it’s just getting started, others say the ship has sailed. We believe that skepticism is always a wise default position to start. But if no education is sought, it quickly becomes ignorance. Atlas Forge was designed specifically to educate people on such matters. Our subscribers and the community in which we collaborate is much more powerful collectively. 

The world has been a digital society for many decades now whether you know it or not. The majority of money moved on a daily basis is approximately $4.3 trillion dollars and it is sent digitally. Whether it be a wire transfer, credit card purchase, paying your bills or going shopping. The internet of things and digital consumption is growing rapidly. 

Just like the internet made communication innovations we believe blockchain, which is the engine behind Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies will drastically improve the archaic debt based financial eco-system in which we conduct business now. Imagine a world where you own, maintain and control your own money without fear of manipulation and control of central authority.

Almost everyone in the world has a smartphone and internet access now. With your smartphone, you can have your very own bank account and can transfer money anywhere in the world very inexpensively almost instantly. No waiting for your local bank to open, do a wire transfer that can take anywhere between 3-5 business days. That’s definitely archaic with today’s technology.

When you own your own bank and deposit money into it, you will actually now own and control your own money. No one else can touch it, take it away, tell you how much you can access nor do you have to tell anyone (ie. bank teller) the reason for sending money.

Having your own digital bank allows you to build real wealth because a limited, fixed supply lets you profit from the unfair inflation tax. What if you could not only profit but truly save? What if you could keep your finances private from the prying eyes of competitors, criminals, government and anyone else trying to get their hands on your money (lawsuits, etc.) but still access it anywhere you travel worldwide at the touch of a button? Many of the ultra-wealthy have known about this technology for years and not only use it but have also massively profited from it. Billionaires such as Mark Cuban, Richard Branson and Mike Novogratz.


Every new payment option or vehicle since the inception of barter has taken decades to create, plan, penetrate new markets and capture market share. History has shown us that it took approximately 1,000 years to move from gold to paper gold. Another 100 years to go from paper gold to fiat currency. Fiat currency to plastic currency took about 25 years with the Diners credit card in the United Kingdom. Now we embrace the best improvement in money in 5,000 years – the convergence from plastic to digital. 

The reason why Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are gaining in popularity and market capitalization is quite simple, TRUST. The masses no longer trust the central banks because of fraud, manipulation and control. Not to mention very high costs. Every week we hear news of bank fraud and manipulation and we can no longer sit idly by and watch our monetary system terminally decline. Our standard of living and quality of life is in grave danger. It is our responsibility as it always has been to make the necessary changes. Remember, all great change throughout history started with the masses and not elected officials that somewhere along the way sacrificed their morals and ethics for greed. 

The other major reason why Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have out performed every other currency is because it is impervious to inflation. Governments and central banks cannot manipulate Bitcoin and create more of them out of thin air. In the initial algorithm of most cryptocurrency coins is a set pre-determined number of coins that can be distributed. Thus, eliminating inflation and declining purchasing power. This was a major factor in our decision to acquire cryptocurrency as a store of value. 

Bitcoin is proof that a monetary system can self-regulate autonomously and thrive without central authority, manipulation and censorship. There is no doubt in our minds that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are here to stay. They will change the world of finance, banking, accounting, logistics, loss prevention just to name of few. Along with other physical assets such as gold, diversifying into digital assets is a great financial instrument to hedge against inflation and preserve wealth.

He who controls the money controls the masses. 

Bitcoin is FREEDOM.


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