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Hafnium is a silvery, shiny, ductile metal that is extremely corrosion-resistant. It is so chemically close to zirconium separating the two is difficult. When exposed to air, Hafnium produces a protective coating to stop further corrosion. But in a powdered form, it can spontaneously ignite in the air causing an effect very similar to Dragon’s Breath. It’s high neutron absorption capabilities make it vital in control rod’s of nuclear reactors.



There are only 2 significant producers of Hafnium in the world at this time. One in Oregon and one in France.

Even though Hafnium isn’t that rare in the Earth’s crust, it is very difficult and expensive to extract. It is almost always found with zirconium and must be separated from it. Therefore, only around 70 tonnes of Hafnium is produced annually.

Due to the growing nuclear industry and other applications, demand is expected to increase. According to the World Nuclear Association, 60 nuclear reactors are under construction worldwide.


Most Hafnium is a byproduct of zirconium refinement using a liquid-liquid extraction process, a very difficult and expensive process.

Weak zirconium demand is depleting Hafnium stock piles.

The nuclear energy sector is soaring so demand for Hafnium is increasing much faster than its supply. At the current rate of use, some estimates state that the supply of hafnium will be gone in ten years.

A ton of zirconium contains only between 10 and 50kg of Hafnium. It is estimated that about 70 tonnes of Hafnium are produced each year, not enough to cover the world’s demand.


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