Hello, we are Andy & Nicole, perpetual travellers and international entrepreneurs. We believe in prudent real property assets and have built strong and trusted relationships throughout the world to bring to our members. These are some of the absolute best strategies (that are not very well known) to protect and grow your wealth.

The world is in debt to levels humanity has never seen before with terminally declining currencies coupled with an extremely over valued stock market fuelled by governments and their quantitative easing programs. We would be naive to think that historical investment vehicles such as 401K’s, life insurance to pass down generational wealth, and pensions will provide and protect our families.

So we decided to travel the world in search of the best possible real property products and assets that WE could own, maintain and control. Along our travels we met many individuals that were interested in doing what we were in the process of doing ourselves. They were interested in protecting and insuring their finances yet were unsure of how to do it, what to do first and which professionals they could trust to help them. Financial education is not taught in schools, yet it’s one of the most valuable and profitable (if taught correctly) courses one could ever take. As we met and spoke with more individuals, we saw a need in the market for this type of information where one can implement these profitable strategies and tools, and find all of these vetted professionals that we personally recommend and many of them we have used ourselves. We wanted to share with others like yourself what we have learned and implemented ourselves so we can help as many as possible from a political-economic or currency collapse. We have achieved this with Atlas Forge.

We are forever grateful that we became our own bank (and even taught our two teenage children to do the same). So no matter what happens in this volatile, manipulated debt matrix in which we live, we can rest assured the real property strategies of Atlas Forge will not only protect what we already have, it will hedge against current financial instability and ensure wealth well into the future.

At Atlas Forge, we not only want you to survive but thrive. We have built an educational platform with that in mind. It includes cutting edge, real-time financial strategies from industry leading professionals from around the world that have the same common goal. With these strategies, we will set you free financially.

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Andy & Nicole

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